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Travel is the only thing that you can buy that makes you richer - and we wholeheartedly agree!

Each and every person who is part of the Travel Ideas family is quite simply passionate about travel - and we want to inspire, inform and delight our readers and website visitors with relevant and inspiring content about destinations and ways to explore this amazing world of ours.

Travel is emotional, it’s subjective, it’s sometimes confrontational, it’s educational, it’s inspiring, it’s rewarding, it’s unlike any other experiences of life (in our opinion) and we believe that whether you’re backpacking, or traveling in a limousine, staying in hostels or in the ultimate luxury money can buy, the experience of travel can only enhance your living experience.

About our magazine

Our Travel Ideas magazine is produced by Travel Ideas Publishing on a bi-monthly basis.  Our small hand-picked team is led by Managing Director, Guy Hawthorne – the brains behind the original concept and formula for Travel Ideas Magazine.

Our magazine was first published in 2009, this unique publication offers something for anyone who is looking for inspiration on where to travel, is saving to dream of traveling “some day”.