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Focussed on mindfulness, movement & nourishment

G Adventures has launched a collection of tours dedicated to wellness and adventure. Their new ‘Wellness’ travel style features a programme of trips in 10 destinations, all designed to help travellers slow down, find their balance and reconnect with the world, as well as with themselves.

With trips to such faraway places like Nepal, Costa Rica, Iceland, Patagonia, Tuscany and Peru, these wellness trips balance must-see highlights with a slower pace of travel. Tours range from seven to 13 days in duration.

Regular yoga sessions, intention setting and healthy food choices are all offered on the programme of tours so travellers return home feeling more balanced. Each destination has been selected for its unique wellness aspect, and travellers will participate in local rituals such as a purification bath in Bali, a prayer ceremony with monks in Nepal and an ashram stay in India.

Travel Ideas Wellness Tours


Each Wellness trip is led by an experienced Chief Experience Officer (CEO), and begins with an intention setting ceremony where travellers will explore their reasons for seeking wellbeing, and set out what they want to achieve from their journey.

The slower-paced itineraries give travellers time to ground themselves on arrival and to explore their local surroundings, while the accommodation options provide a quiet and calming base outside the bustle of the city.


A variety of different types of yoga will be led by local experts, such as Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa and Aerial, as well as optional guided meditations such as mindfulness, mantra and transcendental practices.

Travellers will connect to their physical self through movement experiences, including natural hikes in Iceland, stand-up paddle boarding in Costa Rica and cycling through rice terraces in Bali.

Travel Ideas Wellness Tours


Operating on the understanding that food is more than a meal, it is an experience, each tour features local culinary experiences including market visits, tastings with locals and cooking classes.

Offering healthy cuisine centred around fresh, local and seasonal produce with optional vegetarian and vegan options available, meals are designed to nourish both the body and the mind.

Wellness itineraries include

Wellness Bali

Travel Ideas Wellness Tours Bali
Hindu Temple of Tirta Empul

Often referred to as “The Island of the Gods”, this nine-day tour takes in some of Bali’s most ancient spiritual sites and wellness rituals. From the Hindu temple of Tirta Empul, where travellers will purify themselves in a traditional holy bath, to discovering the secrets of “Boreh”, the island’s traditional herbal medicine.

Prices from R18 659 ZAR per person

Wellness Colombia

While Colombia may not be a traditional wellness destination, the combination of tranquility and activity on this eight-day tour is perfect for travellers looking to rejuvenate and recharge.

Highlights include sampling local flavours on a street food tour in Cartagena, spending a day hiking into Tayrona National Park and wandering through the foothills of the Sierra Nevada to the Aluna Springs to enjoy a guided meditation next to a waterfall.

Prices from R21 519 ZAR per person

Wellness Costa Rica

Renowned for its adventure experiences, stunning beaches and biodiversity that is second-to-none, wellness-seekers can tap into Costa Rica’s unique energy on this eight-day tour.

From remote eco lodges in the Rincon de la Vieja and surf lessons on secluded beaches near Samara, to aerial yoga in Playa Carrillo and a visit to the G Adventures-supported Mi Cafecito coffee co-operative, everything on the itinerary is designed with the pura vida ethos in mind.

Prices from R20 479 ZAR per person

Wellness Iceland

Travel Ideas Wellness Tours Iceland
Geothermal Spa, Iceland

Clean air, vast landscapes, geothermal spas and yoga overlooking the waterfalls of Thingvellir National Park make this seven-day wellness journey unforgettable.

Travellers will get active, hiking Solheimajokull Glacier using crampons and pickaxes, visit a horse farm to learn about the beautiful Icelandic horses and take part in a rye-bread cooking class in a geothermal bakery.

Prices from R33 719 ZAR per person

Wellness India

In the birthplace of yoga, this 11-day tour sees travellers spending three nights in a traditional Ashram on the banks of the Ganges river.

Here they will enjoy an authentic vegetarian diet and daily yoga sessions, before heading to Dharamshala, the home to the Dalai Lama. Learning about Hindu and Buddhist spiritual beliefs, they will also visit the Pakistan border to watch the famous changing of the guard.

Prices from R26 499 ZAR per person

Wellness Italy

Travel Ideas Wellness Tours Italy
Traditional vineyards in Italy

Rome and Tuscany – In the land of rolling hills and delicious wine, this seven-day tour focuses on local food and being present in the stunning surroundings.

Farm to table style cooking classes, restorative evening yoga and natural thermal pools are twinned with a traditional vineyard visit and a local wine tasting, showing that true wellbeing is all about balance.

Prices from R25 099 ZAR per person

Wellness Nepal

This seven-day Wellness tour balances daily yoga, including Surya Namaskar Yoga, with jeep safaris through Chitwan National Park and a two-night stay in the spiritual hub of Lumbini, the birthplace of the Buddha.

A three-night stay in a working monastery will see travellers take part in a traditional prayer ceremony and meditation session, guided by the Nepalese monks.

Prices from R39 739 ZAR per person

Wellness Patagonia

Travel Ideas Wellness Tours Patagonia Cerro Tronador
Hiking along Cerro Tronador

Retreat from the bustle of life to one of the world’s most southern and remote regions. Glaciers, mountains and parks await travellers on this 10-day wellness journey, along with the time – and the space – to stop and reconnect to the planet and oneself.

From hiking the beautiful Cerro Tronador, kayaking on crystal-clear lakes and horse riding across grasslands to watching the sunset with a beer in hand at a local brewery, this tour incorporates activity and local cuisine with the space to recentre and relax.

Prices from R26 299 ZAR per person

Wellness Peru

Travel Ideas Wellness Tours Peru Pray Lagoon
SUP Yoga on Pray Lagoon, Peru

Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley – Deep in the Sacred Valley, this seven-day tour is designed to energise and rejuvenate. Travellers will connect to movement with stand up paddleboard (SUP) yoga on Pray Lagoon, surrounded by the vast Andean mountains, enjoy some light hiking, before taking a relaxing soak in the Lares hot springs.

A visit to the G Adventures supported Parwa Community Restaurant offers a special lunch, with local healthy options, while back in the Sacred Valley travellers will attend a traditional Inca ceremony.

Prices from R19 119 ZAR per person

Wellness Thailand

Travel Ideas Wellness Tours Thailand Thai Jungle
Thai Jungle, Thailand

This nine-day tour takes travellers to Thailand’s northern regions, unwinding in Pai’s natural hot springs and de-stressing in the depths of the Thai jungle.

In Bangkok, a traditional Thai Massage School teaches travellers the skills to soothe tense muscles, while in Koh Samui, stand up paddle boarding and sunrise yoga on the beach restores balance.

Prices from R21,679 ZAR per person

G Adventures is represented by Development Promotions in South Africa. For details and a listing of new trips, contact Development Promotions on 011 463 1170 or visit devprom.co.za

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