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Travel Ideas Magazine editor piece

They may look like a motley crew, but the group you see pictured above (members of the Cape Tourist Guide Association) are the very people you‘d most want to go on holiday with!

They’re specialists in their respective fields, from mountain guiding to scuba diving and from foodie routes to basic tours… if you have a specific field of interest – and would like to be accompanied by an amazing human being who’ll teach you so much that you never knew about your own country – you really should get hold of a member of a tourist guide association (ask a travel agent to assist you in getting the correct specialist guide). I recently tagged along on the newly launched “Cradle of Human Culture” tour (hosted by Wesgro) and can highly recommend taking one of these guys along to do this fascinating 3 or 4 night road trip (which follows a path up the Garden Route – see

Local travel is the order of the day during Covid times, but in keeping with our new theme of “uniting the word through travel” as seen on this issue’s front cover, we’ll continue to give you a taste of what else is out there, and give you ideas for the dose of revenge travel that you’ll so desperately need when the rest of the world opens up again. But for now, go local with a guide. It’ll be an experience you’ll never forget.

Guy Hawthorne

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