Issue 71 is out now!  February / March 2021


Caravan parks are bursting at the seams over weekends and holiday periods. Airports, not so much. Local for now and that’s conclusively not a bad thing. Hotels have upped the anté and dropped their prices, as have most touristic offerings across the board. It’s great to see you guys headed out with fully laden roof-racks, boats and trailers – supporting local and bagging a good deal to boot.
Lady Luck smiled on me recently when I headed out in my van with just a mattress and a few provisions in back. Someone I didn’t know but happened to talk to knew someone who knew someone who owned a farm with a make-shift camp-site set up amid the plantations. I phoned the proprietor, he gave me directions, we drove through some heavy metal gates and found a barrel braai alongside a crudely erected wooden fence, I opened my van doors and lit a fire, and spent the next couple of days on an unknown, off-the-grid patch of land with great views and clean ablutions nearby. Just my partner and I and some cows over yonder. Heaven in the hills outside Mossel Bay. Van life rocks.
We’d stayed at Sky Villa a couple of weeks prior. Overlooking the Plettenberg Bay Lagoon from its perch high up on the mountainside, this 5-star boutique hotel is another hidden gem worth seeking out. Have a look for yourself at 
With international travel due to make a much welcome return in the hopefully-not-too-distant-future, we’ve included a few popular international destinations in this issue to remind you locked-down wanderlusters that the outside world does still exsist. The ever popular Mauritius still has a number of pre-entry protocols in place but is biting at the bit in anticipation of welcoming us back.
Air France have resumed their Johannesburg – Paris route for similar reasons and although there are still a number of checks and balances to adhere to before visiting France, the indications of semi-unrestricted world travel are slowly emerging from the shadows. Let’s hold thumbs.
So… with some good news on the previously inaccessible horizon… happy travels to you all!
Guy Hawthorne

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