Issue 69 is out now!  October/November 2020

The Association of Southern African Travel Agents (ASATA) welcomes the announcement today by Government that South Africans can travel internationally to all countries.

That was the news that we woke up to on 30 September 2020.  But then, later that very same day, we learnt from the good people at Flight Centre that all and any international travel will be met with “Complexity, complexity and more complexity”, basically making it almost farcical to even attempt flying off to lands too far away.

But it’s not all bad. In fact, that was great news for many local companies in the hospitality industry because it means we’re now trapped in South Africa for the upcoming holiday season!! Well, South Africa and a select few countries like Seychelles, although the lines are clearly blurred the world over. And none of us has money to travel internationally anyway.

Anyhoo, my answer to the world’s problems was to go camping. Not only was I getting away from it all, but I was also helping out a few poor souls who rely on guests to keep their operations going. And of which there have been precious few (and often none at all) over the past months. Feels good to help.

So, come on one and all, give yourself time off from the real world – and help your fellow South African to regain their livelihood. Hotels need you. Guesthouses need you. Small tour operators need you to go zip-lining or to book a cruise through them in the Durban Harbour. Go camping as I did. Hug a rhinoceros in the Kruger Park. Visit a travel agent for future inspiration. Swing off the Soweto Towers. Go to a game lodge. These guys need you right now, just as much as you need to get away from what’s happening in the world!!

So please support your local tourism industry whilst having a well-deserved break. Thanks!!

Take a look inside… and travel safely.


Guy Hawthorne
Editor / Director
Travel Ideas Publishing (Pty) Ltd




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