Travel Ideas Magazine, issue 64

Our February / March issue is out! 

Welcome to another epic selection of the world’s best holidays, and another boat load of ideas and experiences begging to be done – all supplied by the people who have been there and done that.
When last did you cruise the Antarctic, the Arctic circle, or even Alaska? When last did you stay in a giant fish bowl in a Thai jungle and get serenaded by elephants while you lie on your king size bed (yes, you heard right, the giant see-through fish bowls give the impression of sleeping outdoors, but you’re indoors)? Or go on a highly educational tour of Iran (yes, it’s possible, despite your possibly misconceived supposition)?
Albania is another country seldom visited by South Africans. Why not go for a hike through the mountains – with some of the most insane scenery you’ll ever see in eastern Europe?
When last did you go to a hotel or game lodge dedicated to giving you a total detox? Think yoga and massages, and clean air and smoothies. Chicken soup for the soul, I tell you.
Or when last did you dance with the penguins on Boulders Beach near Cape Town? Tintswalo Boulders Beach is the place to stay when you do just that.
When last did you just decide, on the spur of the moment, to book a weekend away with just you and your partner, or with kids in tow, and head off to a remote spot where you could sip wine, watch the stars, and just appreciate the beauty of life? It needs to be done.
If you said “never” to all or even some of the above questions, contact your travel agent or the advertisers inside this issue…
…and you’ll be so glad you listened to me.
So get on your bike. Immediately.
Guy Hawthorne





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