Travel Ideas Magazine, issue 64

Our December / January issue is out!

It’s a little known fact that Cape Town is home to one of the greatest travel writers of our time. He lives in Kommetjie in the southern part of the Cape Peninsula (largely a hippy surfing community) and his stories make me smile. It’s his totally unassuming nature at chasing his dreams to become ever more enlightened in the spiritual world. Albert Buhr, the writer I speak of, journeys all over the world seeking inner peace and he finds it in the most amazing places.  In this issue he lands himself in Malaysia and I hope his story on page 32 inspires a few peace seekers to follow in his footsteps.

We seem to run a lot of stories on the island of Reunion, and that’s because we’re trying to drum it into your heads that it’s an island like no other in the world and needs to be visited to be believed. Black sands and erupting volcanoes, a hundred waterfalls and an exotic Europen flavour – all just four hours out of Johannesburg.   Exciting news for Capetonians is that United Airlines are running a seasonal, non-stop flight from Cape Town directly into the New York area. The flight will only be operating for the next couple of months so you’ll need to book soon to enjoy a magical winter in the Big Apple. Also in this issue, and a little closer to home, are a myriad South African guest houses, boutique hotels, resorts and game lodges that are so world class you’ll feel like you’re a million miles from anywhere.

These, and loads more travel ideas from all over the planet will surely give you much food for thought when deciding on your next dream holiday, so sit back, relax and see what’s out there in this issue. You’ll be amazed.

Guy Hawthorne




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