Travel Ideas Magazine, issue 62

Our August/ September issue is out!

Another warm welcome to my fellow wanderlusters – from an invigoratingly cold Cape Town.

So, it’s only taken me 47 years but I finally did it last month. I went to the Kruger Park. I know, right. I’ve been to Ljubljana but not the Kruger Park. Shameful to say the least. Anyways, now I have and it was quite nice and quite animaly. But YouTube videos had convinced me that lions were going to gnaw at my car’s doorhandle and elephants were going to sit on my bonnet – none of which happened – and so I was mildly disillusioned.

What made up for it, though, was what was on offer in the areas surrounding the park. I’d had no idea of the beauty of Mpumalanga. The Blyde River Canyon, Bourkes Luck Potholes, God’s Window, and the towns of Pilgrim’s Rest, Hazyview and Graskop. Bridge Swinging at the Graskop Gorge, doing the Tipsy Trail on a farm near Malelane.

This place is heaven and everything’s so close to everything else. Although the ox wagons of old have been replaced by ANC regaled taxis, scenic Mpumalanga – the gateway to the Kruger National Park – is yet another province that makes South Africa so unique. Read about my escapades through this region in a future edition of Travel Ideas, but for now we’ve got a few other unique travel ideas to share with you.

Cuba is different! A country that’s in a time-warp. Andrew Marshall takes us on a cigar and cocktail trail in Old Havana – and Travel Vision is the company that can take you there (Pg. 6).  Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery and Ilsa Zietzman unravels for us what she can (Pg. 16). Russia is best experienced with Insight Vacations.

There are two polar opposite ways to cruise the waterways of Europe, and in this case France. From the ultra-luxurious super-ships in the Uniworld fleet, to the self-skippered vessels of Le Boat. We all have our own preferences so we thought we’d show you a comparison in the same issue – and let you decide. Richard Holmes does it one way, Franki Clemens the other (Pg 26-38), whilst David Hughes prefers luxury at sea around the Indian Ocean (Pg. 40). So many ways to get on the water.

Madagascar is becoming increasingly popular with South Africans (Pg 48), while Mozambique always has been and Keri Harvey explores its turtle coast (Pg. 64). In a tribute to Women’s Day, we show you where the best places are for women to travel to in Africa (Pg. 58). And Rovos Rail has just turned 30 (Pg. 100).

P.S. The advertisers in each issue of Travel Ideas have gone to great lengths to share their messages with you and in doing so, have become part of the Travel Ideas family. We urge you to make use of the products you see whilst paging through each issue when planning your next holiday, these guys are the best in the business – so use them!!

Happy and safe travels to you all.

Guy Hawthorne





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