Travel Ideas Magazine, issue 58

Our December/January issue is out!


Travel Ideas’ Year End Special issue is out now!

This holiday period is the perfect time to sit back, relax, and plan your adventures for the upcoming year. Travel Ideas has once again come up with a bunch of ideas that you didn’t even remember existed!!  Sail across the ocean on the Queen Mary II to New York, sheer decadence!  Or trundle up and down the Wild Coast. Or Malawi. One of my personal favourite countries is Croatia. Yes, we’ve all heard how great Croatia is, but pick up a copy of Travel Ideas and see just how many companies in South Africa specialise in tailor-made holidays to that incredible country, and the variety of ways you can explore it: Self-drive, coach tours, sailing on a yacht up the coast and stopping in at all the little touristy towns… certainly a destination worth investigating. On the flip side, how many of you have been to Windhoek recently. Or Driven up the N1 from Cape Town to Johannesburg and discovered all the little hidden-gem towns along the way… So much to do… so little time!!

So get the latest Issue of Travel Ideas…. And we’ll give you just that: A whole lot of magical and inspiring travel ideas that’ll get you out there and ready to explore.


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