Top 10 must-try activities on the KwaZulu-Natal Upper South Coast

Here’s a look at what’s on offer at the Upper South Coast!


C’mon guys NOW is the perfect time to start afresh by exploring the many incredible family-friendly ecotourism offerings on the KZN south coast. Ugu South Coast Tourism (USCT) showcases a wealth of sites and activities, suited to all budgets, with the KZN Upper South Coast first on the list!
The Upper South Coast stretches from Scottburgh to Mtwalume and has a number of wonderful experiences and locations that are easily accessible to all welcome visitors.

1. Scuba diving

For those looking to learn how to scuba dive, or for the more experienced divers looking to explore one of the world’s top diving sites, then the Upper KZN South Coast is the place to visit. Aliwal Shoal, just 5km offshore of Umkomaas River, is home to a number of ocean creatures, prompting several international documentaries and
attracts an influx of global tourists.


  • Aliwal Dive Centre, Umkomaas:
    Contact 039 973 2233 or or
  • Aliwal Shoal Scuba, Umkomaas:
    Contact 039 973 2542 or or visit
  • Umkomaas Lodge Dive Charters:
    Contact 039 973 2542 or
    or visit


2. Shark cage diving

Visitors to the Upper South Coast can partake in one of the most exciting ocean adventures with shark cage diving. With experienced instructors, visitors can get close to some of the region’s beautiful apex predators in their natural habitat. An incredibly thrilling and unforgettable experience awaits!


  • Cage Shark, Umkomaas:
    039 973 2572 or
    or visit
  • Shark Cage Diving KZN, Rocky Bay:
    Contact 039 978 1045 or johnmiller@ or visit

3. Golfing

Known colloquially as ‘The Golf Coast’, the KZN South Coast boasts an abundance of well-maintained golf courses, many of which are located in the Upper South Coast region. From the novice to the pros, there’s a green for every golfer – most of which are surrounded by coastal forests with stunning sea views.

  • Contact:
    Umkomaas Golf Club:
    Contact 039 973 1042 or or visit
  • Scottburgh Golf Club:
    Contact 039 976 0041 or
  • Selborne Park Golf Estate, Hotel & Spa, Pennington:
    Contact 039 688 1800 / 039 975 8500 or
  • Umdoni Park Trust, Golf Club & Nature Reserve, Pennington:
    Contact 039 975 1615 or or visit

4. Microlight adventures

Experience the Upper South Coast region from the skies through a thrilling microlight adventure. Organised by experienced pilots, a microlight trip gives visitors an overview of the oceans, forests and other natural wonders found in this part of the world.


  • World of Wings flight school, Umkomaas:
    Contact 072 117 5130 or or visit

5. Wildlife experience

The natural abundance of the Upper South Coast extends to its animal inhabitants as well, with the area renowned for its diverse birdlife, as well as the many unique animal species. At Scottburgh’s Crocworld Conservation Centre, families can engage with these incredible animals while the knowledgeable staff share insights and perform daily feeding demonstrations for audiences. There is also an on-site restaurant, Fish Eagle Café, and a fun animal farm and playground for youngsters.
Crocworld Conservation Centre, Scottburgh:


  • 039 976 1103 or visit

6. Nature reserves

Visitors have ample opportunity to get out in nature and experience the great outdoors throughout the Upper South Coast. The area is rich with coastal forests and reserves which are home to a myriad of wildlife and local bird species.


  • TC Robertson Nature Reserve, Scottburgh:
    Contact 062 002 5190 or
  • Vernon Crookes Nature Reserve, Umzinto:
    Contact 039 974 2222 or or

7. Shop for handmade accessories

Artistry and craftsmanship can be found throughout the KZN South Coast with the globally-renowned Polka Dot Coco Fashion conveniently located in the Upper South Coast. The brand specialises in handcrafted accessories using locally sourced materials, such as the famous Shweshwe.


  • Polka Dot Coco Fashion, Scottburgh:
    Contact 061 415 5075 or

8. Local heritage

Integral moments of South African history were set against the backdrop of the Upper South Coast, determining a trajectory that has brought us to where we are now. Visitors will get a chance to experience the rich cultural nuances of this area at the Ntelezi Msani Heritage Centre where local guides bring history to life through story, crafts and song.


  • Ntelezi Msani Heritage Centre, Mthwalume:
    Contact 076 861 6074 or email

9. Beach days

As a renowned coastal holiday resort, the Upper South Coast offers visitors expansive golden sands and warm Indian Ocean water at its many beautiful beaches. Even with beach restrictions, visitors can enjoy a beachside meal while taking in the stunning sea views and even catching sight of the resident dolphins.

· Scottburgh Beach
· Pennington Beach
· Hibberdene Beach
· Umzumbe Beach

10. Mountain biking & running trails

Getting exercise has never been this much fun! The #KZNSouthCoast consists of some of the country’s best running and mountain biking trails that traverse coastal forests and local farmlands for a truly immersive natural experience.


  • TC Robertson Nature Reserve, Scottburgh:
    Contact 062 002 5190 or
  • Umdoni Parkrun, Pennington
  • Vernon Crookes Nature Reserve, Umzinto:
    Contact 039 974 2222 or or visit
  • Umdoni Park Trust, Golf Club & Nature Reserve:
    Contact 039 975 1615or or or visit
  • Rocky Bay Resorts: Contact 039 976 0336 or or visit

For more information about USCT, as well as events and activities on #KZNSouthCoast, download the free ‘Explore KZN South Coast’ app from Google Play or visit

Follow the ‘South Coast Tourism’ Facebook page or @infosouthcoast on Twitter.


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