7 tips on what to pack for your tropical getaway

The countdown has begun…you can all but smell salty air, feel the sun kiss your skin and hear the crystal-clear waves break on the white sand. This is it, your tropical getaway is around the corner. Bring on the umbrella drinks! And then the panic sets in. How and what do I pack? And here is where you keep calm and make a list. And to help you, we’ve put together a few tips for your tropical getaway packing list.

Less is more

This might sound like a cliché, but it cannot be more relevant. You want to travel light while packing the essentials. The saying goes, pack everything you want to take with, then unzip your suitcase and take out half of what you’ve packed.  To save you this effort, find clever ways to minimise your items.

Mix & Match

For starters, choose outfits that you can mix and match. Neutral colours in similar shades. Leave room to layer, so you can add a couple of light layers when it feels a little cooler. Pack multi-functional items that you can dress up or dress down with. An infinity dress with some flip flops for a casual look – changed up with some sandals with shiny details and some earrings or a bracelet for a night out. When it comes to shoes, you don’t need more than two or three pairs – walking shoes for unexpected adventures inland, comfortable flip flops and fancier sandals.


If you haven’t discovered the little travel sized toiletry items, you will delight in these! Tiny sized bottles that you can fill up with your favourite skin-care, hair-care and body-care products. This means you can almost half the size of your toiletry bag. Do the same with your makeup bag by choosing natural, two-tone colours and a nude colour lipstick for the day and a darker colour for night. If you want to pack your favourite perfume – try and find a travel sized bottle. If you plan to read, why not invest in a tablet, where you can read a range of magazines and books and save a huge amount of space.

Adaptive gear

A great tip from regular travellers is to find a favourite scarf that matches your colour scheme and carry it onto the plane with you. You can use it as a blanket, cover your head for privacy or wear it up to cover morning hair! Need to round off an outfit – find a sassy way to fold it. Add shoulders to a strapless dress, protect your shoulders or face from the sun.

The bare essentials

While you want to pack light – don’t forget your sunglasses, sun hat (or plan to buy one as a souvenir on your trip) and suntan lotion. You also don’t want to skimp too much on your swimwear, after all, you will most probably be spending most of your time in these.  Why not pack a few options, a one-piece, two-piece, colourful and plain to match your mood.

Your Survival kit

You cannot go anywhere without your travel documents. It is essential to carry them on you and make sure all is in one, easy-to-access bag. Add some items you may need in case of a middle-of-the-night emergency until you can find a local pharmacy. A few packets of Rehydrate, help for a runny tummy, some mosquito repellent and some good old Zambuk for bites, itches, sunburn, dry skin and more. If you take any medicine or vitamins, find a travel container to combine all your tablets for your vacation.

Also, don’t forget to think about chargers and converters needed for your electronic gear.

Save for a rainy day

Keep some showers in mind! Take a travel umbrella or a light raincoat just in case. Besides keeping dry in the rain, you may want to pack some waterproof bags to carry your wet towel or swimwear in – keeping the rest of your beach bag dry.

Once you’ve packed, make sure you take a few deep breaths, keep calm and always take a sense of adventure with you!

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