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“The World’s Most Beautiful Sea Voyage”

The Norwegian coast is one of the most beautiful places on Earth and Hurtigruten have proudly called it home since 1893. Literally a part of the daily lives of many coastal inhabitants, to most Norwegians Hurtigruten is symbolic of Norway’s maritime heritage and national character. Hurtigruten have an unparalleled know-how and love of these waters and continue to call it home.


One of the most beautiful places on earth

– A stunning coastline

Norway’s spectacular and beautiful coastline attracts many visitors each year. Words alone cannot capture its charm; you really need to see it for yourself. At 103,000 km long, it’s the second longest coastline in the world, and the longest in Europe. What makes it so remarkable is its variety, nature and geology. The coastline features examples of the worlde’s most beautiful fjords, islands, fishing villages, and snow-covered landscapes.

Interspersed between the remote and rural treasures, nestle some of Norway’s finest cities, showcasing well-preserved architecture from the medieval, gothic and Art Nouveau periods.

– Even more stunning light

The Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun feature highly on travel bucket lists – and Norway is one of the best places in the world to see both of these natural phenomena.

In summer, Norway becomes the land of eternal daylight, with 24 hours of visible sun above the Arctic Circle. Not only is this a glorious sight, it also leaves you more hours in the day for exploring.

In winter, the Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis, dance in the Norwegian night sky. The best chance to see this magical light show is between October and March in northern Norway, as it’s located within the Auroral Zone.

The aurora fills the sky with fantastic colors as the M/S Nordnorge glides under the bridge in Rorvik. It was a magical display of colored lights shimmering and dancing across the sky.

5 Reasons to explore Norway with Hurtigruten

1. A footprint we are proud of

Our history and traditions call on us to explore in the most sustainable way possible. We introduce new technology, advocate stricter regulations, fight over tourism and support local communities to offer you the most advanced expedition voyages on Earth.  By end 2021, at least six of our ships will run on biogas, LNG (liquefied natural gas) and battery power – giving us what probably is the greenest fleet in the entire cruise industry.

2. We are the local experts

There are no shortcuts to becoming an expert. Our Norwegian captains have decades of experience sailing the Norwegian coast. No one knows the fjords, people, cultures, cities, villages and wildlife like we do. There is so much to see, learn and do. Let us show you our home.

3. Passion and knowledge

Our Hurtigruten Guides are skilled and passionate about sharing their knowledge. They offer you in-depth lectures on history, climate change, sustainability, wildlife, earth science, culture and destination-specific themes. Join them ashore to get close to the remarkable places you’ve learned about on board.

4. We offer the authentic experience

Hurtigruten started sailing the Norwegian coast in 1893, and 127 years later, we still serve these areas, all year round. Let us take you to our traditional ports and exciting new destinations to bring you close to the heart of our rich culture and stunning natural beauty.

5. Northern Lights Promise

Hurtigruten are so confident that the lights will appear on our 12-day winter voyage, that we make our guests an exclusive promise: If the lights don’t show, we will give you a 6 or 7-day voyage FREE for another chance to see them. Terms and conditions apply.

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