The first thing that strikes potential visitors to Chile is the country`s extraordinary, elongated shape, and this South American nation has a remarkable geography to match. It stretches thousands of miles from one end to the other, from arid, rain-starved desert in the north to the icy glaciers of the south. The beautiful Andes mountain range is rarely far from sight, defining the country’s easterly border.

The country’s capital Santiago is a vast, often smoggy sprawl set between the Andes and a coastal mountain range. It has several museums and attractions that are well worth a visit, and a reasonable choice of accommodation and restaurants.
Chile’s beautiful Lake District is made up of national parks that offer staggeringly lovely views of ancient monkey puzzle trees, pristine alpine lakes, and perfectly shaped volcanoes.

One of the world`s most active volcanoes, Volcán Villarrica near Pucón, is safer than it sounds – it is also one of the world`s most monitored, so you should have plenty of warning of an imminent eruption.


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