This isolated island paradise offers fine beaches, turquoise seas and hot weather. As a result of its extraordinary geographical history, the Seychelles is also rich in rare plants which flourish nowhere else in the world. No less than 81 species are unique survivors from the luxuriant tropical forests that covered the islands until mankind`s arrival just two centuries ago. The Seychelles is also a major attraction for birdwatchers.

The diving is particularly good: there are sea cliffs, tunnels and caves – and, of course, multitudes of fish of many different species. Visibility is best from September to May. The resort hotels offer waterskiing, sailing, snorkelling and other watersports as conditions are ideal.

Take to the water in the St Anne National Marine Park, a favourite for snorkelling, which encompasses six islands off the coast of Mahé.

The clear water of the Seychelles makes conditions perfect for underwater photography. The coastal waters are a haven for 101 species of coral and over 920 species of fish.


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