Madagascar is the world`s fourth largest island. Ringed by golden beaches and palm trees, it has an interior that is resplendent in its variety, from grassy plateaus to volcanoes and opaque forests and natural reserves.

Explore the impressive national parks and nature reserves. In Tsingy de Bemaraha Strict Nature Reserve, undisturbed forests, lakes and mangrove swamps are home to a variety of rare and endangered birds and lemurs. Rocky landscapes and limestone uplands are cut into large peaks with a mass of limestone needles.

The main centres are Nossi Bé (also known as Nosy Be), Nossi Lava, Toliara and Ile Ste-Marie. Many offer beautiful white sand beaches and coral reefs. Scuba-diving centres are located on the north and west coasts.

Explore Nossi Bé and its neighbouring islands of Nossi Mitsio, Nossi Radama and Tanikely. Exotic perfume plants such as ylang-ylang, vanilla, lemongrass and patchouli are grown here.

There are also some excellent beaches. Antseranana is a cosmopolitan seaport overlooking a beautiful gulf at the northernmost tip of the island with many lakes, waterfalls and grottoes. There are more fine grottoes at Anjohibe.


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