The Italian welcome is as warm and traditional as a glass of fine wine and you will find the Italians to be the ultimate hosts throughout your stay.

Italy is one of the most popular vacation countries in Europe as all seasons are good for a visit. It`s an international playground in summer with many famous resorts inland and at the water`s edge. In winter, the Italian Alps are unequaled for scenery and skiing conditions. And in spring and autumn, the visitor can take in all that Italy has to offer, at a more leisurely pace.

Go shopping in Milan (Milano), Italy`s most sophisticated city. Do not miss the chance to wear an elaborate costume and mask at the Venice Carnival. Be fascinated by Rome`s historical sites – the Colosseum. Enter the Vatican City an independent sovereign state best known for the magnificent St Peter`s Basilica. Among the principal features of the Vatican Palace (the Pope`s residence) are the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican Museum.

In Milan (Milano), appreciate Leonardo da Vinci`s masterpiece, The Last Supper, which may be viewed at the convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie.


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