Croatia is one of Europe`s top seaside destinations, with over 1,000 islands, 1778km of mainland coastline and a mild Mediterranean climate.

In Zagreb, Croatia`s capital, visit the historic monuments of Gornji Grad (Upper Town): the Cathedral, St Mark`s Church (noted for its tiled roof) and the Sabor (Croatian parliament). Then take in the museums of 19th-century Donji Grad (Lower Town).

The Museum of Arts and Crafts traces Croatian craftsmanship through the centuries, and the Mimara Museum exhibits a rich collection of painting, sculpture and ceramics from abroad.

Dubrovnik`s Summer Festival takes place each year, from mid-July to late August, and features open-air evening performances of theatre, jazz and classical music in the old town. Zagreb and Split also have summer festivals, but are a treat to visit at any time.

Slavonia`s Kopaèki Rit Nature Park is a vast expanse of wetland frequented by myriad migrating birds and well away from the tourist crowds. Dive in the ethereal Blue Grotto and explore the shipwrecks sunk off the island of Vis, Croatia`s most remote inhabited island.


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