Squeezed onto a small island connected by bridges to the mainland, Mumbai is India`s largest city and financial epicentre, home to great wealth, incredible real estate, glistening skyscrapers and fashion-savvy locals. But Mumbai is also a city of extreme inequality where affluence and abject poverty sit side by side. It is India`s fashion capital and home to Bollywood – a city of contrasts that is endlessly fascinating.

Taj Mahal Palace & Tower is one of Mumbai`s favourite landmarks, and draws countless visitors each year.

Mumbai`s 136-year-old Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat is where the city`s dirty laundry gets washed and aired. Every day hundreds of dhobi wallahs (someone who does the laundry) beat the dirt out of hundreds of bags of laundry in row upon row of open-air troughs.

In Delhi there are monuments, mosques and tombs in abundance, impressive colonial architecture, brilliant museums, excellent restaurants and more than enough bazaars, markets and shops.


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