With the world`s largest population and the country fast becoming the major global player, China is a must-visit destination. China has some incredible scenery and much of it is best seen on foot. Everest Base Camp is Tibet`s most popular trekking destination. There`s also great hiking in other areas of the mountainous Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Yunnan`s threatened Tiger Leaping Gorge and along the Great Wall.

Head underground to Zhangjiajie`s Yellow Dragon Cave, Asia`s largest, or more popular caverns including Guilin`s Reed Flute and Crown caves and Yangshuo`s Silver Cave – their stalactites and stalagmites lit by garish multi-coloured neon.

China also has some gorgeous tropical beaches. Sanya, on the southern coast of China`s most southerly province, Hainan Island, is one of the country`s most popular holiday areas and has international resort hotels, fine sand beaches, golf courses, coconut palms and water sports.


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