Zimbabwe boasts some amazing natural sites. The Victoria Falls are without a doubt one of the world’s grandest natural spectacles and every viewpoint reveals something new. Running from northeast to southwest down the centre of the country, and connecting its two largest cities, is the Highveld, a chain of low mountains and Zimbabwe’s most populous area.

Hwange National Park is one of Zimbabwe’s largest parks, in the variety of animals and birds that may be seen.
Hwange is one of the last of the great elephant sanctuaries in Africa, with over 40,000 living in the national park.

Situated in the northwest of the country on the Zambian border is Lake Kariba, where game can be viewed from the comfort of various safari camps, or from well-appointed cruise vessels and self-contained safari-craft.

Located close to Bulawayo, Zimbabwe’s second major city, Matobo National Park is noted for its spectacular granite rock formations and its wealth of ancient rock paintings. Cecil Rhodes’ tomb can be visited at Malindidzimu.

There are around 40 golf clubs, most of which have 18-hole courses. The Eastern Highlands have the highest concentration of courses.


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