Tanzania and Zanzibar

Tanzania fulfills everyone`s dream of Africa: the wildebeest migration along an infinite savannah; the incongruous snow of Mt Kilimanjaro; proud Masai warrior tribes; exotic beaches along the spice islands of Zanzibar. It`s all here in Tanzania.

The famous Serengeti National Park is found in Tanzania, and a safari through the vast plains is a must – especially during the famed wildebeest migrations (November to May).

The colourful marine life surrounding the coral islands of Zanzibar and Pemba makes for an ideal place to go scuba-diving and snorkelling. As the highest peak on the African continent at 5,895m, Mt Kilimanjaro has taunted avid explorers with its snow-capped peak for decades.

As the epicentre of the historical spice trade, Zanzibar is the place to do a tour of its many spice and fruit plantations. The endless plains of the Serengeti come to life in the early hours of the dawn, and seeing the park waken from a hot air balloon is one of the world`s great natural spectacles.


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