The world-renowned treasures of this fabled country, from iconic pyramids to medieval bazaars, are sights to behold. The Nile defines Egypt as it inundates the delta in the north, slips by rich suburb and impoverished allotment in the capital Cairo, brings life to the settlements of the Nile Valley and delivers visitors in floating palaces to the great archaeological wonders of the ancient world.

No trip to Egypt is complete without a trip to Cairo`s famous Khan-el Khalili Bazaar where haggling for spices, copper and brass, perfume and trinkets has been refined into an art form.

Plying the river between Luxor and Aswan, and generally lasting around three to five days, a boat trip is the quintessential Nile experience.

Egypt`s six oases in the vast Western Desert offer a fascinating glimpse of Bedouin and Berber life, often with ancient ruins nearby. Don`t miss the White Desert, an area of dazzling white, wind-blown rock forms scattered across the wilderness and never to miss is a camel ride in the desert.


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