A virtual trip to the beach


Wherever you are in the world right now, summer or winter, rain or shine, we can take you on an incredible journey to the beach. You don’t need to load up the car, no need to worry about sunburn, don’t stress out about getting there early for the best spot, and there is no chance of getting sand in your snacks.

We are going to take you on a virtual trip to visit some of the best beaches in the world.  Best of all, it’s for free!

Before we depart off, let’s get ready and create the perfect salty, vibey ambience for some beach time fun.

Create the ambience for your virtual beach vacation

1. Grab your pool inflatables, dust them off and pump them up. If you don’t have inflatables, just grab your beach chairs or put your beach towels out and lie on those.

2. Pull your tropical potted plants into your beach area. Dust off your seashell collection and spread those around you. Do you have other mementoes you have collected on other beach holidays? Bring those out too.

3. Spray coconut-scented room refresher or light an ocean-scented candle to transform you there. If you don’t have those, you can lather on the sunblock.

4. If you are picturing yourself at a resort on a tropical island, you can mix up your favourite cocktail, mocktail or tropical smoothie.

5. Dress the part – think cozzies, boardshorts and flip flops. If it’s too cold, switch your heater on.

6. Pack a cooler box with snacks and drinks. Right, let’s get this vacay started!


Best virtual beach vacation



 Nestled between the lush Maya Mountains and the turquoise Caribbean Sea, Hamanasi is a special place from which you can explore the best of Belize on and offshore. A secluded, intimate boutique resort located on the beach south of Hopkins, Hamanasi sits on hundreds of feet of Caribbean Sea beachfront surrounded by tropical flora on the finest stretch of beach in Belize. With short flights from the USA, Panama, Canada or San Salvador you may let the warm tropical breezes melt away your hectic life for the laid-back pace of Belize! The first stop on our beach vacation is the Hamanasi Adventure & Dive Resort in Belize, Central America.

Belize boasts the longest stretch of coral in the western hemisphere and has 3 of the 4 Caribbean atolls. Whether you are a diver, snorkeler or angler, there is a part of the Belize Barrier Reef that will appeal to you – and Hamanasi can take you there! Best of all, you can decide what you want to do after you arrive – less stress! Our experienced guides and staff will make sure you find adventures you’ll love, and show you the world-class service that ranks Hamanasi #1 in Belize on TripAdvisor.




For our second beach vacation, we’ll be relaxing in the beautiful Maldives, consisting of 1,200 islands of which only 200 are inhabited, and approximately another 100 are island resorts.

For travellers who enjoy the journey or getting to the destination, the Maldives is one that will fall into your top 10. It is absolutely incredible how a massive commercial aeroplane can land on Male Island. The runway is incredibly only 3,200m long.

Male Airport Maldives

Watch the gorgeous scenery below as we come to land on Male Island and are then transferred across to the mainland by boat.



Once on the mainland you will be taken to the domestic airport where you will board your flight on Trans Maldivian Airways who will fly you via seaplane to your gorgeous resort. Please make sure that you have your camera ready – the views are amazing.


For this trip, you have booked yourself in at the gorgeous Constance Moofushi Maldives Resort. Here you have a difficult choice to make. Do you stay in one of the island-style beach villas, where you step off your wooden verandah onto powder-soft sand? Or do you choose to stay in a glorious luxury water villa, suspended on stilts into the turquoise lagoon? Let’s take a look.



Reunion Island

Still lying in the Indian Ocean, Reunion Island is one island that not only offers a beach vacation, but it is slowly becoming the island of choice for adventure seekers, and that is what we, as thrill-seekers, are going to be trying out on our visit.

Early in the morning, you head down to meet your guide in the square in the Cilaos Village – today you will be climbing and ‘cari-canyoning’. This experience includes water slides, zip lines, white water swimming and jumps.


credits IRT@Travels Gallery

The following morning is an even earlier start as you attempt climbing 3 Salazes, a set of three rocky peaks forming a natural wonder on the Piton des Neiges massif. Steep rocky walls, tightrope walking and abseiling are some of the skills that you will quickly learn during the course of the morning.

In addition to adventure activities, you can relax at your beach resort.



For those looking for a vibrant island beach vacation, the ever-popular island of Mauritius has more to offer than just beautiful beaches.

With stunning resorts, there is something here for everyone from families, solo-travellers, golfers, divers to people who just want to get away and do absolutely nothing.

On the island, Beachcomber Tours has eight world-famous resorts. Having been on the island the longest, they have managed to secure the best locations for their hotels. Extremely well-organised kids clubs keep children and teens entertained all day long, allowing mom and dad time to learn to windsurf, dive or even just enjoy lying on the beach taking in some much needed R&R.


The island of Mauritius holds many surprises for her visitors. Of course, you can lie on the beach and tan for the duration of your holiday, or you can head out on an adventure and explore. Climb into a submarine and dive below the ocean’s surface to experience the bright colours of tropical fish swimming by visit Chamarel 7-Coloured Earth and you can swim with the dolphins, to name only a few. For a truly unique underwater experience, join a tour for an experiential undersea walk.



Our next beach vacation takes us to Malawi! This land-locked country is one of beauty and home to the most amazing smiling, friendly people. Lake Malawi is the biggest attraction in Malawi, with a handful of stunning resorts dotted remotely around it’s sandy shores.

And not only that, but near Cape Maclear towards the southern end of the lake, there are two tiny islands approximately 3km offshore where you can detach from the world and immerse yourself in a more elegant version of a Robinson Crusoe experience.

Mumbo island

There aren’t any shops and there isn’t any money on these two deserted islands. Kayak Africa has created eco-friendly dream destinations for explorers looking for something remote and off-the-beaten-track. The only other people you will encounter here are the friendly staff.

One of the best ways to explore the islands is by kayak. Paddle silently through the crystal-clear waters around the island, discovering hidden crevices and watching the cautious monitor lizards basking in the sun.

Other water activities available are snorkelling and scuba diving. In this southern area, Lake Malawi has a variety of exciting dive sites, and many are known to be some of the best freshwater dive sites in the world. For the more experienced diver, there are tunnel swim-throughs as well as a penetrable wreck. The rock formations and the hundreds of species of the endemic cichlid fish create interesting and colourful dives. Finally, end off your day lazing in a hammock suspended across your balcony, affording you perfect views. This truly is an island getaway.


Our world is filled with the most incredible beach and island destinations. Even though you are unable to feel the sand in between your toes or smell the salty air right now, it will soon be possible. Start dreaming and planning now about your next dream destination.

Tell us below which beach destination is the next one that you would plan to visit.



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