5 telltale signs that your kids are loving their holiday

It’s almost that time of the year.  Jingle bell cheer, with early Christmas decor in shops and shopping deals popping up around every corner!  Soon the tunes of Boney M and Michael Buble will be playing in the background while the shops get busier and busier!

The prospect of a holiday away to get away from work, the Christmas shopping rush along with the responsibilities of everyday life is becoming increasingly attractive. The idea of a holiday away is exciting, however, a trip with your partner and kids may bring its own stresses.  The best way to make sure that your holiday runs smoothly is to read your children’s behaviours and temperaments as this will make sure that they are still happy.  This way you can act proactively should they show any signs of discontent.

But how do you know if your kids are really happy on holiday?  Here are 5 (generalised) telltale signs that will help you figure it out.

1.  The sound of…laughter

While this is quite an obvious one, it is very important. If kids are too quiet, they are most likely ticking time bombs. But travelling together means being in confined spaces (planes, cars, hotel rooms) together, and this takes getting used to. Often this leads to bickering, roughhousing and tantrums. Laughter shows the initial teething pains of been overcome and siblings are now enjoying each other’s company…to some extent.

kids laughing


2.  Making new friends

Generally, when kids are more relaxed and confident, they will reach out more easily to make new friends.  So if your child is mingling (depending on their age of course), you should see this as a good sign that they are having fun.

making new friends


3.  Dirt equals fun

When on holiday, a clean child is most likely a bored child!   Active kids are too tired to be bored. If they are out and about, having fun, chances are they will be dirty from head to toe when they get home – but a bit of soap and water can easily fix that. Let them have fun!

dirty feet

4. Less screen time

This is probably the ultimate sign. If your kids let the batteries of their mobile devices run down and do not bother to charge them – you know you can relax. They are having a blast, taking in the new environment and experiences.

kids less screen time

5.  Happy to share

Often, we have to drag information out of our kids. But when they are having fun, they will naturally drop their guards and share more easily. If your kids become chatterboxes on holiday, they are happy and enjoying their holiday.

on holiday and sharing

Lastly, it is important to remember that if you are having fun and relaxing, your kids will most likely follow suit.

Happy Holidays!

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